Cleaning Pump Parts When Traveling With Breastmilk

Cleaning Pump Parts When Traveling With Breastmilk

Traveling as a breastfeeding mom is stressful enough… But traveling with breastmilk and trying to keep everything clean and sanitary? That’s a whole other problem! If you are planning to travel this holiday season, check out our favorite tips for cleaning your pump parts while on the go!

The Pump Box Method

If you’ve got a long road trip ahead of you this holiday season, traveling with breastmilk supplies can be challenging! However, I have found the pump box method to be the easiest way to get the most in-depth clean while on the road.

In order to use this method, you’ll need the following:

  • Access to a public rest stop
  • Two pump parts boxes with lids (one for dirty pump parts and one for after they are cleaned)
  • Dapple baby bottle and pump parts cleaner
  • Junobie silicone cleaning brush
  • Dapple baby pump wipes (for wiping away excess water after cleaning)

Basically, you use the sink at a rest stop for access to water and use the pump parts boxes to get everything clean and sanitized! If you want to see how I use this method in action, check out this Instagram Reel!

Don’t Have Access to Water?

Although the above-mentioned method is ideal when traveling with breastmilk, you may not always have access to running water to clean your pump parts… That’s where these other methods may come in handy!

Use Pump Wipes/Cleaner

For a quick clean in between uses, I recommend using pump wipes or cleaners. This is a great way to quickly sanitize your pump parts when you’re on the go! Then, when you get to your destination, make sure you thoroughly clean your pump parts as you normally would.

Two of the most popular options are the Medela Wipes and Dapple Wipes or Cleaner. Personally, I love the Dapple cleaning products because they are plant-based and biodegradable!

Bring Your Own Water

Another great option for washing pump parts when traveling with breastmilk is to bring your own water to wash them in! To use this method, simply bring two bags: one for washing and one to rinse.

The Junobie Storage Stash Bags are a great option for this method! They are large enough to store your pump parts in and will allow you to easily wash them on the go. When it’s time to wash your pump parts, simply take your silicone bag filled with water and add some soap, put your pump parts in, and close the bag. Then, shake the bag around to wash! Next, move your soapy pump parts into the rinse bag to get the soap off.

Use Replacement Pump Parts

As a pumping mom, you most likely have spare pump parts… so why not bring them along while you’re traveling? After using one set of pump parts during a pumping session, simply move the dirty ones into a storage stash bag and get out a fresh, clean set of parts for the next pumping session!

When you get to your destination, you can do a full wash of all of your pump parts at once. This can also make your life easier on the go because you won’t have to worry about washing pumps with limited resources! Bring along a few extra sets of spare parts and you will be good to go!

Traveling With Breastmilk During the Holidays?

The last thing you should be worrying about this time of year is how you will manage to keep everything clean while traveling! These tips will ensure that you have clean, sanitary pump parts no matter how long of a trip you are going on.

And if you’re traveling with breastmilk this season, make sure you check out this blog post for more tips to keep your breast milk safe!

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