Does Your Spouse Know About This Bottle Warmer Portable Solution?

Does Your Spouse Know About This Bottle Warmer Portable Solution?

Having support is essential as a new mom… especially when it comes to those sleepless nights! Let’s talk about some of the ways your spouse can help you out during the first few weeks and months of your baby’s life, including the bottle warmer portable solution that will make both of your lives easier!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

First of all, you don’t have to do this all on your own! Although nursing is a full-time job in itself, your partner can definitely take over for a feeding or two should you choose to do so. Additionally, pumping exclusively or even a few times a day can allow your spouse or another caregiver to take over feeding your baby at opportune moments.

Obviously, there are many other times your partner can step in and take some weight off your shoulders. Don’t be afraid to ask them or others around you for help when you need it!

One of the best times you can enlist your spouse or partner for help is during those late-night feeds! Taking turns with the baby throughout the night will give you some much-needed rest. In addition, it can help take the pressure off of you and prevent you from becoming “touched-out”. 

Looking for a Bottle Warmer Portable Solution?

One of the biggest issues you may run into during late-night feeds is the need to warm up milk before giving it to your baby. You need a quick, bottle warmer portable solution to prepare bottles easily in the middle of the night!

Other bottle warmers on the market need to be plugged in and aren’t very easy to move around when needed. You may find yourself making frequent trips to the kitchen each night to warm up your baby’s milk! Not only that, but your baby may continue to fuss until you get back, interrupting you or your partner’s sleep further (which, kind of defeats the whole purpose of taking turns)! That’s where the perfect bottle warmer portable solution comes in.

If you plan on letting your spouse take over those late-night feeds, the best thing you can do is have a bottle warmer portable solution like the Junobie Breast Milk Cooling and Heating Cup! This device takes all of the stress out of middle-of-the-night feeding sessions and allows you to easily warm up milk at your bedside. 

This extremely-portable bottle warmer is small enough to bring with you on the go, and is also a great option for warming milk quickly at night! In fact, it can even keep breast milk cool for 24 hours as well! That means you can easily keep safe-to-use breast milk by your bed and warm it up when it’s time to feed your baby. 

If you are an exclusively pumping mama, this breast milk cooling and heating cup is also a lifesaver for late-night pumping sessions! The last thing you want to do after waking up to pump is making a trip to the fridge to store your milk. Instead, you can simply pour your pumped milk into the battery-operated cooling cup and place it by your bed so it will be ready to use or store in the morning!

The Best Way to Help Your Breastfeeding Partner

The Junobie Cooling and Heating Cup truly is the best way to take the weight off of your partner’s shoulders during the night. This simple storage solution means you both will get more sleep and won’t have to worry about safely storing or warming breast milk during those late hours!

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