How To Use a Portable Warming Cup While Working Out

How To Use a Portable Warming Cup While Working Out

Once you're ready to get back into your workout routine, you may wonder how to juggle pumping with exercise! Luckily, we have some tips to make getting moving much easier as a pumping mama. Read on to find out how having a warming cup on hand (as well as some other helpful tricks) can make working out as a new mom easier!

Tips for Working Out

First of all, make sure that you are cleared for exercise by your doctor or OB. It's essential to have enough time to heal after you have a baby! 

However, when you are ready to get back to a workout routine, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you are still able to breastfeed your little one with ease.

Drink enough water

Hydration is crucial as a breastfeeding mom! And it becomes even more important while working out.

However, don't just stop at regular water. One of the best ways to make sure your body is in top condition is by including additional vitamins that you can't find in water. Because of the purification process water goes through, a lot of the beneficial minerals and nutrients are lost!

That's why we like to include an electrolyte solution to water, especially when working out! The added electrolytes will give you an extra boost and can be a game-changer when breastfeeding.

Maintain proper nutrition

To go along with staying hydrated, another important thing to remember as a breastfeeding mom while working out is that nutrition is important!

In order to provide enough milk for your baby, you need to have a high enough caloric intake. This doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't work out, but it does mean that you need to be able to meet your baby's needs while you are still breastfeeding.

One of the best ways to make sure you are meeting your personal nutritional needs is by working with a nutritionist, dietitian, or lactation specialist who understands the nutrition side of things. These individuals can help you create a personalized plan so you can continue to breastfeed while working out.

Wear the right clothing

You probably have a ton of workout clothes in the back of your closet from before your little was born, but are they breastfeeding friendly?

As a nursing or pumping mom, the clothes you wear matter! That's why having breastfeeding-friendly activewear and sports bras is so important.

We love the brand Love and Fit because they make it easy for a breastfeeding mom to still be comfortable while working out! In fact, I love using their bras so I can pump during my workout as well! And when you use the link above, you can also get 10% off your purchase!

Using a Warming Cup While Working Out

Whether you are at the gym or a mommy-and-me workout session, odds are you will have a baby nearby while working out. This means that having breast milk readily available for your child becomes a necessary preparation for your workout routine!

That's exactly where a warming cup becomes the perfect addition to your gym bag. Junobie's cooling and warming cup makes it easy to take breast milk on the go and ensure that it's the perfect temperature for your child.

To get the most out of your workout time, simply keep the cup in its cooling mode until your baby is ready to eat. Then, use the warming cup function to bring the milk up to the perfect temperature!

The reason that this warming cup will become your new workout essential is because it is easily portable and can hold up to 9 oz of milk. That's plenty of room to store enough milk for your workout session and then some!

Additionally, the warming cup has a USB charger to keep it powered on the go. This makes a trip to the gym (or anywhere, really) much easier because you can be sure that your milk will be cooled or warmed whenever needed. 

Working Out and Breastfeeding

Overall, you shouldn't be stressed about exercising while breastfeeding! It's completely possible, especially when you have the right tools and take care of yourself.

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Disclaimer: the advice found in this article is not medical advice. Please speak to your healthcare professional if you have any concerns about exercising while breastfeeding.

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