Intellectual Property & Knockoffs: The unpleasant truth of baby products

Intellectual Property & Knockoffs: The unpleasant truth of baby products


Intellectual Property & Knock-offs

Hello friend, I am Nickey! You all know me and my story, and how I overcame homelessness as a teenager. became the first person in my family to attend graduate school, and later developed an innovative product that changed not only how breastfeeding woman stored their breastmilk, but also how it created a way to end single use plastic pollution in the environment. However their is another story that I often don’t share due to shock and still discovering, and that is the unpleasant truth of the baby products industry. 

 Our reusable breastmilk storage bags caught the attention of many mama’s worldwide (United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil), but they also caught the unpleasant attention of the big giants. You are blind-sided by big giants in your own backyard and start to wonder, if this was truly an idea that the Lord wanted for you. I sat, I cried, and the Lord gave me peace about the sad, but true reality of knock-offs. He provided a sense of clarity and peace about the journey ahead for the junobie bag. I was just a breastfeeding mama, just like you,  who had a problem with an oversupply of breastmilk and wanted to solve that problem. 

 We are so grateful for each and every mama that we have been able to help on their breastfeeding journey who desired an eco-friendly and reusable breastmilk storage bag. when you support a small business, you support a dream that became a reality from a problem that needed a solution. When you are shopping, just be more mindful when shopping and sharing.  If you have a dream don't let fear of knock-offs deter you, we say GO AND CHANGE THE WORLD. The Lord gave you the vision for a reason and he will use it to glority his name.

 -Warm Regards, 

Nickey, Junobie founding mama

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