Pumping At Work: Your Must-Have Tips

Pumping At Work: Your Must-Have Tips

Is your maternity leave coming to an end? One of the benefits of pumping is that you can continue to breastfeed your baby, even if you aren’t always with them! However, pumping at work comes with a new set of challenges… Here are the must-have tips to make your pumping experience a great one!

Finding a Schedule

You have two main options when it comes to pumping at work: deciding to pump full-time or pumping at work and nursing at home. 

Whichever option you choose, creating a schedule is essential! This will also help you plan your time at work as much as possible.

According to FLSA standards, employers must allow you reasonable time to pump for one year. They also must provide reasonable accommodations (including a private place to pump) for these pumping sessions.

Some moms may opt to use a wearable pump while they work, but if you would like to pump more privately, figuring out how long each pumping session will take and how often you plan to pump is helpful. You may also need to plan around other parts of your work schedule or the time it would take to get to a private space. Whatever your work situation looks like, figuring out a schedule in advance will make the transition to work much smoother!

Next, it’s also important to decide what you will do when you are home with your baby. If you plan to pump full-time, keeping a consistent schedule will be helpful so you know what to expect each day. Nursing on demand may make things a little bit trickier, but making this decision ahead of time will help you keep a schedule during the time you’re at work that makes sense!

Bringing the Right Supplies

Another thing you’ll want to consider when you head back to work is what extras you will need to bring with you! One thing a lot of moms may not consider is that the time needed to pump also includes the time needed to set up, clean, and put away your pump supplies! Luckily, we have a few things you can bring to make each session run smoothly.

Breast pump bag

If you plan on pumping at work, you will need a breast pump bag that will allow you to keep everything you need in one place! 

One Pumped Mama has a great option for moms who need to keep everything together during their work day. Their stylish bag allows you to carry all the essentials without it being an eyesore in a professional environment! Plus, it has plenty of pocket space to store everything you would need for pumping and your work day!

Pumping bra

If pumping is going to take up the majority of your time, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality pumping bra!

Davin and Adley has a collection of pumping bras that allow you to pump with ease. They have a variety of styles to choose from so you can find the perfect fit! Plus, their bras fit practically every pump on the market.

On top of that, these bras are perfect for moms who plan on nursing while at home! Instead of having to change into a separate nursing bra, their collection of breastfeeding bras allows you to both pump and nurse!

Breastmilk storage

Lastly, you’ll need a way to store your breast milk until you get home! 

If you are pumping at work and have access to a fridge, our breastmilk storage boxes are the perfect storage option! Instead of using small disposable bags to transfer your milk, our boxes can hold up to 20 oz of milk! Plus you can easily clean and reuse the same container each day. The container even has a silicone carry strap to make transporting your breast milk easier!

Or, if you need a way to keep breast milk cool while pumping at work, our Warming and Cooling Cup is the perfect way to do it! This portable storage solution allows you to keep milk at the perfect temperature all day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about keeping ice packs frozen all day!

Pumping at Work

Overall, pumping at work does not have to be difficult! Using these tips and supplies will make this big transition a breeze.

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