Using a Bottle Warmer Portable Option When Transitioning to Food

Using a Bottle Warmer Portable Option When Transitioning to Food

Did you know a warming cup is still helpful after you're done breastfeeding? These bottle warmer portable solutions allow you to get as much use as possible out of your warming cup, even after you no longer need it for breast milk or formula! Read on to find out the many ways you can continue to put your Junobie warming and cooling cup to use.

Bottle Warmer Portable Solution 1: Warming Milk

This might seem a little bit obvious, but did you know that you can use your warming cup to warm up regular milk as well?

One of the biggest transitions your child will make when moving to solids is the switch from breast milk or formula to regular milk. Whether you opt for cow, oat, almond, pea, or soy, there is one thing all of these will have in common: they will most likely be cold before your baby drinks it!

This is where many parents run into trouble making the switch. Their baby is accustomed to warm milk, whether they've used a bottle warmer portable option like our warming cup or nursed their child. For instance, Flo Health explains that expressed breast milk comes at a temperature of about 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you're on the go or out to eat, the last thing you want to worry about is your child not drinking milk because it's too cold! That's why continuing to use your warming cup is the perfect bottle warmer portable solution for children moving from breast milk or formula to regular milk.


Bottle Warmer Portable Solution 2: Warming Food

Besides milk, our warming cup can warm up food as well! 

This is a great option for those small baby food containers and pouches that you will be using as your baby makes the big transition to solids. Let's be honest… some of those food combinations would taste much better warmed up!

You may also find that your baby likes the food warmed up better compared to chilled. So, in order to have warm meals ready-to-go while you're out, you can pack along the warming cup and use it to warm your baby's meal!

The best part about using the bottle warmer portable beyond your breastfeeding days is that it continues to be a lightweight option for warming and cooling anything inside. Because it's battery-operated and easily rechargeable using a USB, you never have to worry about it being unavailable on the go. On top of that, it has a capacity of 9 oz, meaning there is plenty of room for whatever it is you need to cool or warm while on the go!

A Multi-Functional Tool for Your Baby

Transitioning your baby from breast milk or formula to solids does not have to be a hassle! Using the Junobie warming and cooling cup can make the switch much easier on everyone involved. Because it can be used for so much more than breast milk, you will find that you can use the cup far beyond your time breastfeeding.

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