Meet Junobie Mama: Andrea Crofton

Andrea Crofton: Wife, Mama, & Holistic Pregnancy Specialist

Mama's around the world have the right to know about all the amazing women that are working hard to make it a beautiful place for them and their babies! So every month we want to highlight an awesome mama that is doing wonderful things! This week, we're highlighting Andrea Crofton. Andrea is a wife, mother, and a holistic pregnancy support specialist offering natural organic products, nursing + maternity wear, and natural pregnancy boxes that ship to women around the world. 
  Like many breastfeeding mama's, one of Andrea's biggest challenges during her breastfeeding journey was overcoming difficulties that came with her little one having tongue and lip ties. Andrea states the following "He was not gaining weight and I was told it was a supply issue.  We were FINALLY able to seek out help from a lactation consultant who figured out the issue quickly.  When I returned back to seeing clients in my office it was difficult some days to pump in between clients and I found myself feeling stressed over having to rush.  I'm proud to say we made it well past the 2 year mark for exclusively breastfeeding, but it did come with challenges."
Q1:  What do you enjoy doing the most as a mother juggling a career and child/children"? 

Andrea: Finding the joy in motherhood even if some days are challenging.  With those challenges comes so many things I can be grateful for.  Our children are only young and need us for such a short time.  I find the years passing by quicker and quicker.  I've become more conscious about taking more time during my day from work to be with my kiddos and do things for myself. The dishes, laundry, dusting, and all of those "adult chores" can wait. 
Q2: Name one way you have been a champion of another mama (How have you been able to  help to support another mama friend?  
Andrea: Oh I love this question!  I jokingly say, "I wish I knew myself and who I am now when I had my first baby."  Part of my business with Mamas Blooming is empowering and supporting mothers during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.  Two topics I'm most passionate about are natural birth and breastfeeding.  I have educated, comforted, given strength, encouragement and just listened to so many mamas over the years. I love that women all over have access to the professional support I give as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Holistic Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach, and Doula. 

I also have an organic product line focusing on pregnancy, postpartum and family.   Some of those products include nursing balm, postpartum spray, and herbs for a postpartum bath.  I find these also support mamas on their holistic journeys. 

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