The World's First Eco-friendly & Reusable Breastmilk Storage Bag is here!

Thank You!

Obsesseddddd with these junobie bags! They fit perfectly into my Kiinde warmer. Best leaks!! So easy to pour!! Seriously in LOVE with these bags!!

M. Allen

These bags are amazing! They’re cute, functional, and perfect for those wanting to get away from throwing away so many plastic breast milk bags. They don’t leak, can be written on, and can be frozen. These can be used long after you’re done breastfeeding too! The owner is super responsive and friendly. Great customer service and a great product!

A. McNair

I love junobie bags! They are silicone and reusable. I wanted to find another way to store my breastmilk without using plastic and I am so happy that i found these!

A. Zubs

Super excited about my junobie bags! It's a huge time saver to be able to just dump all my milk into these while I'm at work and put in the fridge when I arrive home!

Bri N.

 Wow, just... wow! I cannot say how THRILLED I am that these exist; they don’t leak, they are cute, and best of all-REUSABLE!

Finally an eco-friendly reusable breastmilk storage bags that has all the required functions and more vital features. I would rate #junobiebags 5 stars! They do not leak and no holes.

Tunkey A.

I am doing everything I can to limit my baby's exposure to plastics and eliminate my use of single use plastic. I was so excited to see your product! I bought a freezer full worth of Junobie bags and I plan to give these as baby shower gifts going forward.