3 Benefits of Using a Cooling Cup as a Breastfeeding Mom

3 Benefits of Using a Cooling Cup as a Breastfeeding Mom

As a breastfeeding mom, you know how precious breast milk can be. Being able to use every ounce is a major priority! This is where a cooling cup can come in handy. If you aren’t sure whether a cooling cup is an essential item to add to your list, here are the top 3 benefits of using one!

1. It Keeps Breast Milk Safe

Obviously, the name “breast milk cooling cup” gives away exactly what this tool does… but have you considered how it can actually provide an extra layer of safety?

According to CDC breast milk storage guidelines, breast milk should be used within 4 hours if it is left at room temperature… but that time significantly increases if it is put in the fridge! At the right temperature, breast milk is actually good for four days.

So how can a cooling cup keep your breast milk safe? By keeping it at a constant, icy-cold temperature, finding a fridge nearby no longer becomes a worry for a breastfeeding mom. This is especially helpful if you are on the go or traveling… your breast milk will get an extended use time just by putting it in a cooling cup!

2. A Portable Storage Option

As mentioned above, a breast milk cooling cup is perfect for a breastfeeding mom because it is portable. You can take it on the go, while traveling, or whenever you won’t have a safe storage option nearby!

Using ice packs in a cooler is a good option, but they really lack one important feature: the ability to keep your milk at a constant, regulated temperature throughout the day. As time goes on, the ice packs will start to melt… meaning the temperature could end up being unstable.

However, because a cooling cup is battery-operated, you can keep your breast milk at a constant temperature until it is used or transferred to a fridge!

On top of that, a cooling cup is much easier to take on the go because of its size. You aren’t packing around a whole mini-fridge in your bag… just a small cooling cup! For example, Junobie’s cooling cup is only 3 inches wide and 8 inches tall… basically the size of a reusable water bottle!

3. Powered by a Battery with a USB Connection

Last but certainly not least, the main reason a cooling cup is such a valuable, portable option for a breastfeeding mom is that it can run when connected to a battery pack or USB outlet!

This makes keeping breast milk cool easy to do whether you have an outlet nearby, outside, or even traveling in the car. You will have perfectly-stored breast milk whenever and wherever your baby needs it. Or, for working moms, it’s a great way to keep your milk safe as you’re commuting home each day.

Making the Life of a Breastfeeding Mom Easier

Overall, the goal of a breast milk cooling cup is to make your life easier. No matter what your days look like, you can feel confident that you will have easily-accessible breast milk for your baby and a safe option for transferring milk to and from locations.


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