Best Tip for Warming Bottle on the Go

Best Tip for Warming Bottle on the Go

Whether your baby simply takes a bottle better when it's warm or you need to finish thawing frozen milk, figuring out ways for warming bottle on the go can be a pain for moms! Here is our number one tip for warming (and cooling!) your baby’s milk while you are out and about.

Why Should I Warm Up My Baby’s Bottle?

The main reason why you may want to be warming bottle on the go is simply because of your baby’s preferences!

According to Healthline, there are two benefits to this: first of all, your baby may like to drink milk from a bottle when it is warm. This is because breastmilk is warm when they nurse. You may find that your baby would rather warm milk, especially if you do a combination of nursing and bottle-feeding throughout the day.

Additionally, another benefit is that the milk is mixed thoroughly. As they explain in their article, milk that is frozen or even refrigerated tends to separate. This is why you may see two different “layers” in breast milk that has been in the fridge. The fat will separate from the rest of the breast milk, so warming it before you give it to your baby can help create a better consistency.

Safely Warming Bottle on the Go

Obviously, there are some things you will need to take into consideration if you plan to warm up a bottle while you are on the go. You most likely have seen bottle warmers for your home that make it easy to warm up breast milk on your kitchen counter! However, being out and about brings a new set of obstacles to address.

One of the most common ways for warming bottle on the go is simply letting the milk get to room temperature. Typically, as long as breast milk does not sit out longer than the recommended usage times (no longer than four hours), this is a perfectly fine way to warm up the milk. However, you will find that most times, you will need to warm up milk quickly to feed your baby!

When warming bottles in general, you want to be careful that the milk doesn’t get too hot or scald. Additionally, many experts recommend avoiding heating breast milk in the microwave. Since you will be on the go, you most likely won’t have access to the most common tools used to warm milk.

What Options Do I Have For Warming Bottle on the Go?

One option that many moms use is setting the bottle in a cup/bowl of hot water to warm the bottle from the outside. However, you may not always be able to find hot water when you are out and about! You can obviously bring your own in an insulated cup, but that is an added hassle for a busy mom!

Junobie recognized this issue, so we’ve taken our amazing Cooling Cup and given it a new spin! Now, you can use the Cooling Cup for both cooling and heating milk on the go!

Where other methods of warming milk can be stressful and difficult to regulate, our new Cooling and Heating Cup uses semi-conduction refrigeration technology for warming bottle on the go with ease! It ensures that you don’t have to worry about unstable temperatures throughout the day… Simply use the same product to both cool and heat breast milk while out and about!

Feeding Your Baby Should Be Easy!

We know that you have enough on your plate as a busy mom… and figuring out how you are going to feed your baby throughout the day shouldn’t be a concern! Grab your Breastmilk Cooling and Heating cup to make your life easier while handling everything else you have to do during the day!

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