Coronavirus and Breastfeeding-Rest Mama, but Don't quit!

Coronavirus and Breastfeeding-Rest Mama, but Don't quit!

Dear New Mama…

How ya doing?

This COVID-19 crisis has seemingly stopped the world in its foot tracks and has caused a path of destruction seemingly with everything in its path. I couldn’t help but to think about all the new mamas in the world who’ve been impacted by this crisis. 

What about the new mama that has meticulously prepared her birth and breastfeeding plan down to the second. Breastfeeding is hard without a pandemic  breastfeeding in the midst of a world health pandemic is even harder! A new breastfeeding mama constantly worrying about contracting and passing on COVID-19 to her  baby has caused anxiety like no other to an already vulnerable mama.. 

Social distancing has caused even the most introverted mama to suddenly become an extrovert, and let's not mention the isolation of your parents. Oh what I would do to have that annoying opinion of my mother-in-law right now. Social distancing has created what seems like an alternative universe for millennials and Gen Z’s. However, the great news about this pandemic is that things will get better and you will one day be able to leave the confines of your home breastfeeding  as confident as a MOTHER!

One tip from a breastfeeding mama to another breastfeeding mamaa is to continue to make breastfeeding a priority as often as possible! I know coronavirus news consumes most of your day, but this advice will be critical for you, your breast, and your baby! If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit. The first 90 days postpartum for a breastfeeding mama and her milk supply are as crucial as it is the time you spent on the birth plan. Making sure to properly nourish yourself and your baby are of paramount importance. 

I know things are hard, I do, and am in this journey with you! I ask you to give yourself grace and try not to be so hard on yourself. If you are a breastfeeding mama worried about passing COVID-19 on to your baby be sure to follow the recommended CDC guidelines of wearing a  mask, maintaining proper handwashing, and disinfecting surfaces frequently to avoid the spread of the virus to your baby. We are all better together and will get through this crisis and be even stronger because of it! 

Junobie Founding Mama!

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