Don't Want to Pump and Dump? 6 Creative Ways to Use Breast Milk

Don't Want to Pump and Dump? 6 Creative Ways to Use Breast Milk

"Pumping and dumping" refers to the idea of dumping your breastmilk after pumping for various reasons. It could be after drinking, because you're taking medication, or simply not having the ability to store your milk because you're on the go. However, you don't have to pump and dump your precious breast milk! Here are 6 creative ways to make the most of the milk you can't feed to your baby.


One thing that will be mentioned multiple times in this post is how beneficial breast milk is for your skin!

One study explains that breast milk has natural antibacterial properties which is why it's so good for your skin. When it comes to facials, you can find so many recipes where you combine breast milk with different ingredients to get your desired results!

Milk Baths

Milk baths are a really popular option for using "pump and dump" or expired breast milk! If you're looking for a way to still use your breast milk for your baby, you can try this option. Simply fill up a normal bath and then pour whatever breast milk you want to use in and mix it around. It's best to have a good amount (150-300 mL), but you can use whatever amount you have!

Bathe your baby for about 5-15 minutes. If there is a specific concern or issue your baby has, make sure to clean that area with water (for example, cradle cap or a rash). Then simply take them out and dry them… no need to rinse them off with normal water!

Lathers and Soap Bars

You can also turn your breast milk into a lather or soap! This allows you to take those benefits of bathing in breast milk and turn it into a longer-lasting item.

Additionally, you can add in different essential oils or add-ins to boost the benefits of the soap! 

If you want to try making your own breast milk soap, BubzBaby has a kit with everything you need to make it at home!


Breast milk jewelry is becoming a popular option for using your expired or "pump and dump" breast milk! The best part is, many pieces need very little breast milk to create it!

Empowered Mama creates gorgeous rings, bracelets, and necklaces to remember and honor your breastfeeding journey. 

Treat Skin Conditions

Even if you had to pump and dump, your breast milk can still be used to treat a variety of skin conditions!

For example, if you, your baby, or your other kids deal with eczema, rashes, dry skin, or cradle cap, you can use breast milk to soothe these conditions!

Another favorite is creating "boo-boo bars" to use on cuts and scrapes! Simply freeze breast milk into small bars or cubes and pull them out when your child gets hurt! Junobie's milk trays are the perfect size to create these boo-boo bars and keep your breast milk in smaller increments!

Don't Just Pump and Dump!

There are so many ways to use your precious breast milk! Instead of going the pump and dump route, use your breast milk in one (or all!) of these creative ways.

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