How Power Pumping Can Help With Low Supply

How Power Pumping Can Help With Low Supply

As a breastfeeding mom, one of the most stressful thoughts is, “am I producing enough milk for my baby?” And while you most likely are doing a great job, there are also many moms who struggle with a low supply! If having a low breastmilk supply is stressing you out, here is how power pumping can make a huge difference in your life!

What is Power Pumping?

Power pumping is increasing the amount of breastmilk you pump by introducing additional/longer pumping sessions into your daily routine. Because our bodies produce the milk that is needed, increasing the time that you pump can “train” your body to produce more breastmilk!

In order to try power pumping, you should introduce or replace a couple of your normal pumping sessions with an extended session. During this power-pumping session, plan on taking an hour and alternating between pumping and resting during that time. Some people recommend 20 minutes of pumping with 10 minutes of rest, but ultimately, it will be up to you to determine the length of intervals you pump!

How to Make the Most of Power Pumping

One of the most important things you can do is to stay hydrated! Your body will be working a little bit harder to produce additional milk, so hydration and nutrition are important.

Additionally, you need to realize that you won’t see immediate results. Typically, most moms start to see an increase in supply after 48 hours, but everyone’s body is different! It may take a little more or a little less time to get there… but don’t worry, you will! Take the results of my power pumping experience: after power pumping twice per day, I had a significant increase in my breast milk supply!

Power Pumping Necessities

Besides what you are actually doing to power pump, having some of these necessities on hand will make your life so much easier!

For example, you’ll want to have plenty of milk storage bags on hand to store the extra milk from your sessions. Although you may start out by trying to correct a low supply, if you consistently power pump you may even start to build up an additional supply that you can freeze to use later! The Junobie Breastmilk Storage Bags are a great reusable option to store your breast milk as you start to increase your supply. 

Of course, you’ll need a quality pump when power pumping. Pumpables has two great options: the Genie Advanced Portable Pump and the SuperGenie Hospital-Grade pump. Although a portable pump is great for moms on the go, the power of a hospital-grade pump is extremely beneficial when power pumping! Plus, the code junobiebags will get you 10% off your pump purchase!

Additionally, having a comfortable pumping bra can make these power-pumping sessions much more enjoyable. Davin and Adley has multiple options for pumping bras that keep everything secure and fit a wide variety of pumps! Make sure you use the code junobiemama at checkout for a discount!

Next, you’ll also need some basics to ensure that the longer pumping sessions don’t take a toll on you! Coboo pumping spray allows your skin to glide while pumping, reducing the amount of friction and pain you feel with those long sessions. Add in the code junobie15 for a 15% off discount with your purchase!

We are also huge fans of the Mother Love nipple cream for when your power-pumping session comes to an end. This organic balm is a great way to soothe sore nipples after nursing and pumping! When you use the code junobie15 at checkout, you get 15% off your order.

Will You Try Power Pumping?

Power pumping is a great option for moms struggling with low supply and needing a boost. Although it takes a little bit of extra time and effort, the results are seriously amazing!

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