The BEST Gifts for a Breastfeeding Mom

The BEST Gifts for a Breastfeeding Mom

Have a breastfeeding mom on your list this year? Or maybe, you are one yourself! No matter what it may be, there are so many practical and fun ways to spoil a mom who is still breastfeeding! Here is our list of the best ideas for gifts this year!

Pumpables Breast Pump

The Pumpables pump is one of our favorite pumps! They have two great options: a hospital-grade pump and a portable one. The SuperGenie is a hospital-grade pump. It is bigger but still fairly easy to take from place to place. It also works with a variety of different shields and cups if you already have another brand!

The Genie Advanced Portable Pump is one of the best portable pumps out there! It’s extremely easy to take on the go and comes with both a clip and lanyard to keep it attached and close by. It can also be paired with a variety of shields and cups to meet your needs!

Davin and Adley Bras

We love Davin and Adley bras because they can be used whether you are pumping, nursing, or a combo of the two! There are a variety of designs and colors so you can find a bra that makes you feel confident postpartum. 

LaVie Massager

Breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful… but sometimes, clogged ducts make it difficult! That’s why the LaVie Warming Massager is such a great choice for a breastfeeding mom. It can make your experience better and allows you to improve milk flow as well! 

CoBoo Pumping Spray

Having the right accessories can make your pumping experience so much easier! This pumping spray reduces chafing and friction between your breast and the pump flange. It can easily be sprayed onto the flange to keep everything moving smoothly!

One Pumped Mama

As a breastfeeding mom, you have a lot to carry… especially if you are pumping! That’s why having a good pump bag is essential. One Pumped Mama’s pumping bags allow you to carry all of the necessary equipment around in style. 

Mother Love Nipple Cream

One item that any breastfeeding mom needs? Nipple cream! This product helps minimize pain and can soothe sore nipples. If you have a new or soon-to-be mama on your list this year, this is one of those things that might get missed (but can be a total life-changer!)

Of an Origin Clothing

Breastfeeding in public is difficult enough, but having to fight a nursing cover or blanket makes it even harder! That’s why having cute, comfortable, and functional breastfeeding clothes is such a big deal. Of an Origin makes breastfeeding-friendly tops that are stylish and easy to wear from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond!


Of course, we couldn’t leave off any of Junobie’s amazing products! Our milk bags and boxes make storing breastmilk easy. On top of that, they are made from food-grade silicone and can easily be washed and reused!

You can also use any of our storage options for long-term freezer storage. In fact, we love the milk storage tray that allows you to freeze your breast milk in 1oz portions for easy thawing and use.

Additionally, the milk cooling cup is the best way to keep breast milk chilled on the go! Because it is battery-operated, it can keep breast milk at a consistent temperature much more efficiently than ice packs. It’s also easily portable and won’t take up much more space than a reusable water bottle!

Finding the Perfect Gift for a Breastfeeding Mom

Did you add something from this post to your wish list? All of these products would be a great gift for the expecting or breastfeeding mom on your list!

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